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Jared Codling Hack Your Agency Super Course

Jared Codling Hack Your Agency Super Course

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Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing

So why would I want to even KNOW what your course is? Because I get results. Crazy ones. I did this shit: Built a 7-figure company from scratch in 11 months (my company, not some 'client'). Built an 8-figure company in a 3-month launch campaign (I literally lived in the startup house to do this with a bunch of coders; I have heaps of equity in it, it's sick). Rupert Murdoch invested millions in this startup. #Legit.

I've failed WAY more times than most people. I'm talking, like, 100+ failures. But I did them fast. Now, my success rate when starting a business is 90%+ (of it going fucking nuts, not just 'working'); because I worked out a method to 'validate' the success real early.
I'm basically impossible to hire now. I only do consulting for one company, and that's because the company is worth about half a billion dollars; and for every hour I put in, I get $2k PLUS one hour of one-on-one time with the CEO mentoring me. (Pro Tip: Get mentored by people that have done the shit you want to do)


Bonus - Apocalypse Pandemic Marketing
1 - Intro
1 - Intro and Risks.mp4
2 - The Opportunity
1 - Opportunities.mp4
2 - Validation.mp4
3 - Manufacturing
2 - Be a Manufacturer.mp4
4 - Operations
1 - Operations of Manufacture.mp4
5 - Distribution and Selling
1 - Selling Your Product.mp4
2 - Offline + Direct Selling.mp4
6 - Sourcing
1 - Locally Sourcing.mp4
2 - Shipping + Global Sourcing.mp4
7 - Math Breakdown
1 - Math Breakdown.mp4
8 - Wrap Up
1 - Finale.mp4

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