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Introduction to Wind Energy

Introduction to Wind Energy

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Learn Basics of Wind Turbine

What you’ll learn
Working of Wind Turbine
Origin and Types of Winds
Factors affecting Wind and Nature of Wind
Variation of Wind Speed with Height
Wind Turbine Siting
Basics of Fluid Mechanics in Wind Turbine
Concept of Aerofoil and Design of Lift
Relation of Lift & Drag Forces with angle of Attack
Number of Blades of Wind Turbine
Twisting of Wind Turbine Blades
Basic Fundamentals of Power Generation In Wind Turbine
Calculation of Power Generated by Wind Turbine
Tip speed Ratio
Cut in speed and Cut out Speed
Classification of Wind Turbine
Basic Components of Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine Rotor and Placing of Rotor
Wind Turbine Blades and Material
Wind Turbine Hub and its Types
Nacelle and Yawing Mechanism
Transmission system (Gearbox)
Electric Generator in Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine Tower
Onshore Wind Turbine Foundation
Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation
Introduction to Wind Parks
General Wind Park Layout and Placing of Wind Machine
Types of Wind Parks
Electric Power Transmission

Note book

Welcome to your course “Introduction To Wind Energy” this course is designed for the students who wants to endeavour their knowledge in Wind Energy.In this course all the basics of wind turbine in covered. 1] Fundamentals of Wind Energy2] Basics of Fluid Mechanics in Wind Turbine3] Basic Fundamentals of Power Generation In Wind Turbine4] Introduction to Wind Turbine components 5] Introduction to Wind Parks



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