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Ian Stanley – 90 Days to Freedom Jumpstart

Ian Stanley - 90 Days to Freedom Jumpstart | 77.2 GB

Ian Stanley has the right thing to help you make a full-time living from your laptop. You just need to send emails. You only have to work a few hours per week. You would know because he has been traveling the world for five years, spending as little as an hour per day and running this business model between trips. It's the perfect time to get started in today's home-based economy. This is your opportunity to write emails to small business owners, who are in dire need of your assistance now more than ever.

Ian Stanley: Who are you?
Ian Stanley is a top email marketer and has sold more than $100,000,000 in products online over the last few years. At the age of 12, he started his first business by selling tennis rackets. He has since started several businesses, and recently sold an Ecommerce business to Canada's fastest-growing start-up.

This Model is Different from Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing.
Email marketing is a skill that can make you rich for the rest your life. It's possible to make money in almost any business around the globe. It's zero-risk. It has zero start up costs. Profit margins of 100% are possible.

It's not hard to understand, but it is easier to say WHAT. IS. THIS?
Emails are written for companies that already make money. Because you make them more, they pay you thousands to even tens and thousands of dollars per month. It's as easy as that. Ian will show you how to increase the business of these businesses so that they are happy to send you money each month.

Hence, your program is different from others.
Ian made $0 per month and now makes $5,000 per month through his first partnership. All this while only working 10 hours per month. He's now making over $100,000 per month. It is simple and works well. He wanted to make a program that anyone could use, even if they had no experience or never finished high school.

"You had me at Hello", however, why would you tell anyone?
All of us are in this together for one reason: To live a life full of freedom. You help us, we help our clients, and everyone is happy. This industry is growing by 10-15 billion each year, and it's impossible for us to meet that demand alone.

I don't know much about marketing or local businesses.
That's why we exist. Our step-by-step system helps students of all levels to build a 5-6 figure business. Our Case Studies are the best part. It reminds us why this is important. We would love to have you as our next case study.

My pocket isn't big, I work full-time. Can I still be successful?
The program takes only 5 hours per week. It can take even less time once your business is up and running. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to start a side business or quit their job. There are no overhead costs. There are no start-up costs. My business grew to seven figures in seven years while I traveled the world. You can do it if I can.



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