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Humbled Trader Academy

Humbled Trader Academy | 3.39 GB

Humbledtrader – Humbled Trader Academy
A comprehensive day trading education program.
Ever wondered how Shay became a consistently profitable day trader?

In the Humbled Trader Academy, Shay is revealing the trading setups, strategies, and principles that have led to her success.
The Humbled Trader Academy is a comprehensive day trading education program where you learn how to day trade from Shay and her team of experienced coaches.
You will get:
- Over 12 hours of videos,
- Self-guided learning with progress quizzes,
- Step-by-step trading platform setups for beginners and pro traders
- Downloadable guides, cheat sheets and HT trading tools.

The Humbled Trader Academy is best for day trading beginners since a significant portion of the course covers the so important day trading basics. But also experienced day traders can extract valuable information from the course. Especially the trade planning for small-cap and large cap stocks and the detailed trading strategy modules make the trading course worth it.




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