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How To Paint Landscapes Masterclass

Landscape Painting Fundamentals Part 1 with Robert Joyner — SkillShare 

Welcome to the ultimate landscape painting fundamentals course, an in-depth masterclass designed for all levels and mediums!

Included are:

  • 46 High Quality And Informative Videos
  • Master’s Analysis to see how some of the legends used these ideas in their art.
  • 6 Assignments for you to complete.
  • Robert’s take on each assignment so you have something to compare your work to.
  • Ask questions and prompt get answers!

Here is a quick look at some of the sections in this course.

Masses – learn how to simplify and reduce complex landscape subjects into abstract masses. The key to making your art interesting to look at, and paint, is right here!

Value Hierarchy – Simplifying your abstract masses into and organized value plan will help you guide the viewer through the painting, reduce stiff and cluttered art, plus develop better focal points.

Light & Shadow and The Three Planes – this section covers the importance of dividing what’s in light and what’s in shadow. And I will teach you the three common planes and the impact light has on each one.

Atmospheric Perspective – There are many layers of atmosphere as you look into the distance. Naturally values and colors are impacted by these veils so it’s crucial to understand how to handle this idea in your painting process.

Trees & Sky Holes – Learn the basics of painting trees which is arguably one of the most challenging areas of landscape painting. Discover how to paint sky holes and not have them look cut out and pasted onto your work.

Clouds & Sky – In this section you will learn how linear perspective impacts your clouds. I will teach you the proper value gradation found in many skies. Plus we will take that idea a step further and create a general three color gradation model you can use to compare skies to.


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