How to Create Photo Manipulations in Photoshop Like a Pro

How to Create Photo Manipulations in Photoshop Like a Pro

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Powerful New Course Teaches You Professional Photo Manipulation Techniques. 100% Easy to Watch and Learn.
What you’ll learn

You’ll have FUN!
You’ll modify the work of Leonardo DaVinci and create your own art masterpiece.
You’ll successfully replace Mona Lisa with a funky looking dog.
You’ll learn the absolute essential tools and commands for photo manipulation.
You’ll learn some advanced techniques and tricks, taking your Photoshop skills to the next level.
You’ll create from a scratch an amazing photo manipulation.
You’ll be able to create future professional digital art and photo manipulations all on your own.
You’ll learn to combine multiple images into a credible and authentic composition.
Become a better digital artist and designer.
You’ll learn how to create stunning post processing effects.
You’ll impress your friends, family and coworkers with your newly acquired Photoshop skills.
You’ll be able to easily follow along listening to clear and precise explanations.
Create a realistic hair selection.
You’ll know how to smartly get inspiration for your next photo manipulations.
You’ll find out how to quickly get quality stock images for your own digital art.
You’ll be introduced to a professional workflow in Photoshop, using smart objects and adjustments layers.
You’ll learn how to professionally create realistic strands of hair.
You’ll understand how to easily color correct imported external images.
You’ll understand the basics of texturing external images to make them fit nicely in the composition.
You’ll learn professional design tricks to better visualize and asses your composition.
You’ll learn with ease multiple ways of selecting objects, people or animals.
You’ll learn a powerful old-school method of selecting an object with the pen tool.
You’ll learn how to fastly correct imperfections in your final work or other images.
You’ll be well taught by a professional instructor with over a decade of Photoshop and teaching experience.
You’ll learn you my own secret workflow for visualizing and quickly opening photos and Photoshop files.
You’ll have your knowledge tested with a short and easy to follow quiz.
You’ll learn how to use Invert in a layer mask and why it is important.
You’ll be gently taught about the importance of keyboard shortcuts that will speed your workflow considerably.
You’ll learn how to perfectly position objects using a blending mode trick.
You’ll learn two ways of duplicating layers and when to use each method.
You’ll easily learn how to use groups and naming layers to keep your document organized.
You’ll get familiar with using multiple ways of choosing the foreground and background colors.
You’ll easily learn an interactive way of controlling your brush size and hardness.
You’ll be able to navigate your document with ease – zooming and panning with the speed of light.
Know how to quickly change the brush opacity without using the mouse.
I’ll let you in on an advanced way of quickly and intuitively selecting objects with the move tool.
You’ll understand how clipping layers work and why clipping a layer through another is important.
You’ll know how to quickly and easily modify the color of the eyes for all your photos.
You’ll know why a vignette is important and the best way to create a vignette in Photoshop.
You’ll learn a trick to visualize single layers with a single click, even if you have hundreds of layers.
You’ll be gently introduces to essential color correction adjustment layers, such as: Curves, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Selective Color, Photo Filter.
You’ll understand the importance and essential usage of layer masks.
You’ll create advanced layer masks using both conventional methods and special filters.

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