How to Create a Professional YouTube Intro with After Effects

How to Create a Professional YouTube Intro with After Effects

You will likely need a custom video intro or outro for your channel!

You could pay a (decent) freelancer hundreds of dollars to create one for you…


Take this easy beginner course and simply learn to create any video intro you want!

What Will I Learn?

The basics of Adobe After Effects (crash course included)
How to create, customize and animate text
How to use Animation Presets to create per-letter text animations
How to apply in and out transitions
How to work with images and blend modes to layer them
How to apply effects to spice up your title animations
How to generate interesting motion graphics backgrounds
How to use adjustment layers to apply global effects to your titles
How to export your animated titles into video files you can use anywhere!
Who is This Course For?

Anyone looking for a custom custom title video, outro, banner or text animation for social media or personal use
Beginners (or low intermediate) users of Adobe After Effects
What Do I Need?

A copy of Adobe After Effects CC – ANY version will work!
A basic understanding of how to work with files on your computer

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