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Halloween Ad Buyers Workshop

IMQueen Christina – Replay of Halloween Ad Buyers Workshop | 5.86 GB

Replay of Halloween Ad Buyers Workshop by GOAL Diggers Academy

In this workshop we were focusing on helping you access large credit lines to run your ads with (even if you’re outside of the U.S.) This is a part of the business that very few people are talking about.
We have also assembled proven experts to speak at this event. These are not professional gurus who are touring the world giving lectures and slides. These are people running wildly successful online business who are giving back to their industry and are not being paid.
In the replays you’ll learn:
Cutting Edge Strategies To Keep Your Ad Accounts Live
Advanced Native Buying Strategies
How To Scale Lead Gen Campaigns
30k+ Per Month Case Studies
How To Easily Work Remotely
How To Run Snapchat Ads Profitable (HUGE COMPETITIVE EDGE)
How To Get Large Credit lines of $50k+ To Run Ads (Even if you’re not American)
Multi 7 Figure E-commerce Case Studies
Advanced Copywriting Strategies
How To Hire A Team of Media Buyers
IMQueen Christina – Facebook Ad Accounts
Tim Burd – Crack the FB Algo
Ronnie Sandlin – The Art of Advertorials
Matt Smith – 6k/day with Snapchat Ads
Curtis Nelly – How to Access Large Credit Lines
Alisha Schenck – Sales Funnels
Dante D’Ovidio – Affiliate Marketing Tactics
Vito Glazers – PR Tactics


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