Gumroad – A guide for sculpting faces

Gumroad – A guide for sculpting faces By Georgian Avasilcutei
MP4 1920×1080 | Total time: 10h 52m | ENG | Project Files Included

I’ve made this guide to share with you guys the process that I teach my students to follow when they first dive into making faces for their characters. The goal of it is to learn how to make a head and have it ready for production.
The tutorial is split into 5 videos, lasts a bit over 12 hours and covers up the whole process…from replicating a scan then build up a nice topology ready for animation and moving into sculpting a likeness in the end.

Most of the tutorial is in Zbrush but we cover up retopo in Topogun, uvs in RizomUV and some baking in Marmoset Toolbag.

What will you get:

– 5 videos that sum up a bit more than 12 hours of explained process.

1. Intro and scene setup

2. Copying a scan using dynamesh

3. Making topology and uvs ready for animation

4. Making a likeness

5.Microskin details and refinement

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