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Eddie Maalouf – Brilliant Marketers 2022

Eddie Maalouf - Brilliant Marketers | 22.7 GB

The Brilliant Marketers Program
For the last 7 years, I have been studying the top digital marketing strategies & helping businesses grow, all through online advertising.

I have personally managed millions of dollars spent online, on almost every platform, and have worked with dozens of industries.

But, most importantly, I have managed to do this all from a laptop and WiFi & I have spent months making a program that can help absolutely anyone understand and implement the same strategies I do, for any business.
Program Outline

Click On Each Section To See What Is Inside The Program
Tested, Proven, & Improved
With over 70 hours of lessons & videos, the program has been refined multiple times, since the original release.
Dozens of students have already seen results in income & business owners who have taken this program are already increasing their monthly cash flow with our proven systems.
Experience More Freedom
Learn to automate your business and allow you to travel anywhere and never worry about where your next customer will come from. Best Part? The program is constantly being updated to make sure everyone is up to date on every online strategy that is currently working.
Invest In Yourself, Your Income, & The Future Of Your Business.

One More Step To Becoming Brilliant
You will get access to:
- How to understand the important numbers of a business and translate that to advertising.
- How to plan your time out to be the most productive and generate the most revenue.
- Complete walk-through of digital marketing so that you can craft the perfect offer to start making money from week one.
- Full walk through of Facebook Ads that will allow you to go from beginner to Brilliant.
- Breakdown of all types of re-targeting possibilities so that you can follow your customers everywhere, until they buy from you.
- The exact method that we use to understand data from our ads - whether you are spending $100 or $1,000,000.
- Google Analytics - Understanding the most important source of data for a business and how to translate it into dollars.
- Email marketing - How to set everything up and turn emails into your largest source of revenue.
- Creating the perfect website that is built to sell anything you want, even if you have zero experience.
- Youtube Ads - How to create captivating video campaigns on the most under-priced source of advertising.
- Google Ads - The exact formula to create google ads guaranteed to put a business at the top of every search.
- And so much more...



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