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Easily Create Captivating Environments in Unreal Engine

Easily Create Captivating Environments in Unreal Engine

Hello everyone, in this class we will be learning how to create a beautiful photorealistic environment using Unreal Engine 4. To do this in a timely manner we will be leveraging the power of Megascans.

The class will be relatively free-form and focusing on the creative side of game art, rather than getting bogged down in the specifics of pipelines and workflows. The intention of this class is to help you get the hang of some of the tools within unreal engine, hand have some fun doing it, and ultimately make a super cool end product.

All you need for this class is:
Unreal engine, preferable 4.26 or higher
A Quixel Megascans account
Quixel Bridge
(These things are free)

The things we will be covering include:
How to import Megascans assets directly to your unreal engine project
How to break up the design of your environment into manageable pieces
How to add post processing effects in engine


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