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Defeat Procrastination Design Your Own Personalized Creative Workflow

Defeat Procrastination Design Your Own Personalized Creative Workflow :1.1GB

As creatives, the first thing we throw out when we're stressed is ideas. We abandon our work because we don't know what we're trying to achieve, how to handle doubt, or the detailed steps to reach the finish line. I believe success is possible for every creative, the question is, do you have YOUR process to get there - not just a process? Process, workflow and success is not a "one size fits all treatment," so we go beyond just the deadlines, but the inner workings of who you are as a creative person.This class will be an investment for yourself, your creative spirit, and your future.
Together, in this classpackedwith extensive tools and a workbook, we'll help you:
Build a strong, lifelong, and personalized workflow that can change your life.Give you a daily system that will guide you to success and alleviate mental pressures.Learn new methods of brainstorming so you can turn thoughts into big ideas.Become your own project manager who can handle all types of creative endeavors big or small!Teach you the secret sauce to creative success to crush procrastination.Identify your strengths and weaknesses and make them your superpowers!Overcome burnout and overthinking once and for all!Incorporate your personal needs and mental health into all your project planning.AND most importantly, get you to your next finish line.
Not only will you get a 35+ page workbook, but I'll also introduce you to an optional new software that I currently use for all things creative - such as personal projects, professional clients and even my own wedding planning! As a bonus, we'll also cover workspace tips; eliminating distractions, having grace and redefining failure and success!
Oh, and hi, my name is Sarah - and I wear a lot of hats. I am a professional Art Director, writer, entrepreneur, creative educator and mental health advocate! (At the end of the day I am an all enthused neurodivergent to-do list fan, and very caffeinated creative!)
If you learned something today,please help meon mymission to become a full time educatorby reviewing this class, or contributing to our discussions! Thanks a bunch!


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