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Datamine Studio Rm Resource Estimation Basics

Datamine Studio Rm Resource Estimation Basics

Last updated 11/2021
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From Geological Modelling to Basic Resource Estimation
What you'll learn
Datamine Studio RM Basics
Geological Modelling Basics
Block Modelling Basics
Resource estimation Basics
Basic Mining engineering or Geology
Studio RM is Datamine's resource modelling software solution it is used to produce Geological Models, Geostatistics , Block Models and Resource estimation and Classification. Studio RM is used by alot of companies around the world and it is one of leaders in the resource modelling field . This course covers the basics of using the software and the simplified process of the resource estimation which includes , Geological Database Creation ( Drillhole Desurvey) , Explicit and Implicit geological modelling and the difference between them, basic statistics , drillholes compositing , block modelling and basic resource estimation and reporting. This course is beginner friendly and will serve as an introduction either to the software or to resource estimation in general. Students are expected to know some basic knowledge of geology or mining engineering. complementary lectures might be added based on the needs of the students and all questions related to the topic of the course will be answered one by one. If you want to learn a new mining package and get better chances in the industry and your career, or if you joined a new company and they use datamine and you want to get started in the software and know the basics of this software this course is definitely for you .
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Menu Navigation
Section 2: Drillhole Database
Lecture 3 Creating Topography DTM
Lecture 4 Geological Database and Drillhole Desurvey
Section 3: Geological Modelling
Lecture 5 Explicit Geological Modelling
Lecture 6 Implicit Geological Modelling
Section 4: Block Modelling
Lecture 7 Block Modelling
Lecture 8 Basic Statistics and drillholes compositing
Lecture 9 Interpolation
Lecture 10 Resource estimation and Reporting
Geologists,Mining Engineers


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