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Daniel Throssell – Inbox Detonator Bunker

Daniel Throssell - Inbox Detonator Bunker | 11.73 GB

Spy on tens of thousands of dollars' worth of private, high-end copywriting coaching . from the palm of your hand!
Inbox Detonator is Daniel Throssell's flagship 8-week copywriting coaching program.

Every couple of months, a small handful of students pays up to $3,000 each for 8 weeks of email questions . and just 4 video-based copy reviews.
In these reviews, copy is torn to shreds . and often, rewritten with a fresh new lead or angle, based on millions of dollars' worth of sales and testing experience.
And then, every single one of these reviews is archived in the 'Inbox Detonator Bunker'.
Until now, ONLY students who paid the full coaching price had access to this vault. Yet today, it's open to you too.
IMPORTANT: Access is via a mobile app, meaning you will need a smartphone to download the content.

But if you can manage that, here is a small sampling of the private copy reviews you'll find behind the three-foot-thick steel doors of the bunker .
What will you learn in Inbox Detonator Bunker
A 'cart abandonment' sequence for a weight-loss supplement that followed all the 'best practices' being taught by copywriting's biggest names . but didn't work. I used a radical 'anti-copywriter' approach to rewrite them from the ground up
A long, rambling Facebook ad offering free songs to get sign-ups for a musician . I rehauled the entire thing in a few lines and showed how to harness a 'sales force' infinitely more powerful than words
A landing page for a tool for insurance agents that started out rambling . yet over the course of 4 reviews, I honed it into a page so tight, it broke my student into a market he wouldn't have ever dreamed of reaching
An affiliate email for a keto offer . that had no punch. I used a controversial trick I called "Donald Trump's Secret Diet" to breathe new life into it
A landing page for an ecommerce agency that offered the same old, "5 Steps To Grow Your Business 500%" style of lead magnet. I scrapped that - and supplied a totally new 'big idea' for the promo
A copywriter's Upwork profile that didn't cut through the noise at all . until I suggested a simple way to use a 'mechanism' to instantly stand out
A home page for a home improvement product, that didn't have a clearly defined audience. I showed how to use 'market awareness' to restructure the entire page and make the sales pitch sizzle
The 'Storytelling Critiques' - An 8-video series of critiques showing how to sharpen your email storytelling chops

About Daniel Throssell
His client calls him "Australia's best copywriter".
He's one of the most innovative copywriters in the game at the moment (just wait until you hear me read his welcome email out on the podcast - it reads like a horror movie, alongside scary music on the podcast).
He's also one of the most down-to-earth people I've met - great attitude, endless passion and tons of fun to talk to.
If you want to have some fun (and maybe get a few unconventional tips too), you'll love this podcast with Daniel Throssell, one of the "best copywriters in Australia".



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