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Daniel Throssell – Email Celebrity

Daniel Throssell – Email Celebrity

What You Get:
Email Celebrity is broken down into three main phases, starting with .
“Do This Once”
And as the name implies . it is about the ‘one-off’ things to do before you even start a list.

(If you already have a list, no problem. These steps will still give you useful clarity, and ‘unlock’ many growth strategies you may not have been using.)
In this section you discover:

– The four “types” of email list copywriters can have, and how to choose which one is right for you, based on your experience and goals
– How to create your copywriting “pitch” – one of the most useful things you can have for growing an email list
– A quick “side quest” way to earn instant copywriting cred – even if you’ve achieved NOTHING noteworthy in your copywriting career (I mean, I really think you should have achieved something before starting a list, BUT I am merciful on this point .)
– The ‘sales letter’ technique for getting ice-cold skeptics to join your list
– How to start your list TODAY (technical instructions for what you’ll need and what to do)
– How to ‘seed’ your list with subscribers even if you’re brand new with zero reputation. (Not sexy or mind-blowing, but it works better than nothing.)

Next, I identify FOUR fundamental elements of list-building for copywriters.

I call these my:
“Four Golden Keys”

And I show you – in detail and with real examples – what each one is, and how to use it to almost inevitably grow your email list.

No matter what ‘luck’ you get. No matter what ‘connections’ you have. No matter when you’re starting out. And so on.
In this section you discover:

– What the ‘four golden keys’ of list-building for copywriters are (duh)
– How you can get more people attracted to your email list by charging more money
– How to get famous copywriters to opt in to your email list, even when you’re new (the exact methods I have used to attract copywriters like Kim Krause Schwalm, Rob Marsh, Chris Orzechowski, David Garfinkel, and more to opt in for my emails even when I was still relatively unknown in the copywriting world)
– Email-writing strategies (which I didn’t even reveal in my Email Copywriting Compendium) for writing engaging emails that people can’t help but blab about to their friends
– How to activate the only ‘cheat code’ for list-building (in the course I give a REAL example of how this can be used to scale three ‘levels of difficulty’ for getting on a podcast, getting progressively easier the more you use it)
– How to cultivate “downward relationships” to win contests and get booked on podcasts
– A guaranteed, “can’t-fail” method for getting A-list copywriters to chat with you directly via phone or email
– How to grow your list by giving “strategic testimonials”
– How to get more leads, faster, by writing just ONE measly blog post – instead of hundreds like everyone else
– 7 ways to create what I call “keystone content” – content which is 100x more effective at generating leads than regular content

Once you know the four golden keys, you have 80% of the value of the course. Maybe 90%.

Which is funny, because the remaining 10% is the part that everyone else focuses on in their list-building course:
“The Tactics”


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