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Daniel Fazio – Video Sales Letter Mastery

Daniel Fazio - Video Sales Letter Mastery

Learn how to instantly double, or even triple your meeting book rate by having a video sales letter on your landing page
There were two halves in my agency life. Before I knew about VSL's, and after I knew about VSL's.

The degree to which a Video Sales Letter increases your conversions is legitimately astronomical.
When prospects go to your site and don't see who you are, they're scared to get on a call. They don't trust you. They can't anticipate what's going to happen. So they just don't book a meeting at all.
Not only do VSL's help you get more calls, but they make the calls easier as the prospect already feels like they've had a conversation with you.
But you might be asking
"What do I say in a video?"
"How is the video supposed to look?"
"Do I need to have a high production value?"
I'm going to show you how to make a simple video sales letter, landing page, and all the elements inside that give you a competitive advantage.

What you'll learn:
- Video Sales Letter Scripts
- How to build landing pages
- Example of a good agency landing page
- 2 Video Sales Letters I've filmed
- What to say on your landing pages
- Technical walkthrough of filming
- Integrating live chat on your landing page
- Retargeting visitors of your landing page
Who this is for
- Any person selling some kind of B2B agency/freelancer service
Who this is not for
- B2C businesses
- Ecommerce stores

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