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CGFasttrack – Blender Car Series

CGFasttrack – Blender Car Series | 9.47 GB


CGFasttrack - Blender Car Series Vol 1 Modeling

CGFasttrack – Blender Car Series Vol 2 Rendering

CGFasttrack - Blender Car Series Vol 3 Cinematic Studio Lighting

Let’s get that cinematic look onto your renders! Volume 2 shares production techniques on how to create believable environment setups, multi-layered shaders, and a beautiful comp setup to give your car renders that polish.

Part 1
Harness the power of HDRI projections to create a believable world and bring your car renders to life. You’ll begin by creating all of the materials for the rim of the car and build a lighting and comp setup that will add a cinematic feel to your renders.

Part 2
In Part 2 you’ll detail out the reflectors, rear lights, and headlights. These efficient render techniques will help guard against the troubles that are so common amongst automotive rendering.

Part 3
The car paint material techniques you’ll learn in Part 3 will create a believable multi-layered surface that will add a premium look to your renders. Wrap up the series with these presentation techniques to create a stunning cinematic look.

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