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C Programming 360 Bootcamp Zero to Hero

C Programming 360 Bootcamp Zero to Hero

Published 12/2022
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Your complete dose of Programming basics, along will real world topics & coding exercise.

What you’ll learn
By the end of this course, you will be able to Understand a problem, think logically on its solution, think programmatically over the logic & apply Algorithms.
Along with designing Algorithms, you’ll be able to write correct syntax, solve 40+ included high demand programming questions & create software (.exe file).
The course is complete package of programming basics along with 40+ programming problems and solutions.
We touched common queries like how C program runs, what happens when we install a software, what are the steps involved before program gives final output, etc.

A Computer with Internet connectivity for downloading GCC compiler.
Note & Pen or Google Keep or Sticky Notes

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand a problem, think logically on its solution, think programmatically over the logic, apply Algorithm, write correct syntax & create software (.exe file). Have a wholesome idea of Programming environment, set stage for next programming language and open door to Robotics, IoT & software development/web development.This course will be your gateway into the world of Computer programs & you will get fair idea of Solving any problem by writing lines of code.The course is divided into 21 sections.Starting from topics such as How coding works? Why so many programming languages?How program runs?Programming environment. How C program executes etc.We have tried to get into details of why do we even need programming, if we need it then what is it? What is difference between programming & coding? What are different blocks that makes a complete program? Where do we write program and what are programming languages, etc. Then we moved into what is Syntax, semicolon, whitespaces, comments, header files, new tabs, errors etc.These topics are a part of almost every programming language, it will certainly help making a roadmap for you in your programming journey.Then we moved into other sections of C programming and get to know various critical aspects of any programming language i.e. data Types, variables, keywords, identifiers, operators, decision making, loops, numbers, characters, array, strings, functions, pointers, etc.These topics are universal and mostly all programming language will have these topics as their critical aspect. Learning this will not only give you good hands on C programming, but will provide you overall idea of how other programming language is going to work, their basic structure. Will help you in learning various other languages in no time.Lastly, we moved into best part of the course i.e. programming sections dividing 40+ programming exercises into 4 sectionsNovice levelIntermediate level Ace levelConqueror levelThe programming questions are designed in such a way that it will force you to visit theory part of the course and book provided by us with this course again and again. Questions are made keeping in mind that learners have started from scratch & have no prior experience with any sort of programming language. We guarantee that after completing this course learner will be able to think logically on solutions, think programmatically over the logic, apply Algorithm & write correct syntax & create software (.exe file).


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