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Build your IoT Device with Arduino/ESP32

Build your IoT Device with Arduino/ESP32

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In this course you will learn how you can build an Arduino IoT Device. Learn how to quickly build Internet of Things (IoT) devices and dashboards with Arduino/ESP32 using Blynk IoT Broker. All files/codes are attached in the Project section.

What you will Learn

Real-time control of the microcontroller via web
Setting up an Web-Dashboard
Switch on/off a LED via Web
Change brightness via web dashboard of the led
Set up a DHT11/22 temperature and humidity sensor
Send real life sensor data to the IoT Broker
Visualize the sensor data on the web
Add conditions and automatizations to the dashboard.
Example. When threshold of the brightness falls below a threshold - get a notification on your smartphone via Blynk IoT app.
What you need for this course

ESP32/8266 or any other microcontroller with wifi access
Wifi connection for the Arduino
Free Account of Plattform
Optional LED and DHT11 Sensor - you can send random numbers to the dashboard for training purpose
Who this course is for

Internet of Things (IoT)
Electronics Hobbyists
Electrical Engineers
Anyone with an interest in IoT development



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