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Blender: Create and rig realistic Batmobile from A to Z

Blender: Create and rig realistic Batmobile from A to Z

Duration 20h 30m Project Files Included MP4

What you’ll learn
how to setup the scene to start the modeling journey
how to use extruding surface technique to build the whole body of the vehicle
how to make the final result of the mesh super clean and make the reflection flows smoothly on the surface.
how to use the modifiers inside Blender 2.9 to achieve very complex result with easy ways
how to add seams and make the geometries ready to unwrap
how to unwrap the whole vehicle from start to finish nicely and accurately
how to use armature to rig the vehicle
how to add controls so you can move the vehicle nicely and easly
how to add a specific shapes to the controllers so you could recognize them and use them.
how to setup the environment and prepare the scene to add the materials on it.
how to create all the necessary materials and how to make them realistic and accurate.
how to add imperfection to the surface and make it more realistic.
how to render the scene with Cycles.

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