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Blair Enns Pricing Creativity

Blair Enns Pricing Creativity

Introduction: What Price for a Logo?
Price Like a Marketer
Inputs, Outputs, or Value: What Are You Selling?
The Many Ways in Which You Deliver Value

Price the Client, Not the Job
Anchor High
Say a Price Before You Show a Price
Master the Value Conversation
Offer Options
Limit Unpaid Proposals to One Page

Constructing Your Proposals

Crafting High-Priced Options
Framing Low-Priced Options
Make the Margin in the Middle

Pricing Models

Do Retainers Right
Lease Instead of Sell
Sprints, Points, Tips, Pay What You Like, and More Alternative Pricing Models


Sell Risk Reduction
Nudge, Nudge; Wink, Wink
Never Discount (But When You Do, Do it Right)
Alternatives to Cutting Price
Remove Pricing From the Front Lines
Negotiate Like a Pro

The Next Level

Begin to Untether From Time
The Last Obstacle is You

Templates, checklists and guidelines you'll refer to as you navigate each sale.

The 4 Conversations of the Sale
Value Conversation Template
Proposal Guidelines Checklist
3 and 4-column pricing proposal templates
Pricing Creativity Rules Checklist (your pre-presentation go-to)
Pricing Post-Mortem Template (a pricing/profit track record)

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