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BIM Revit Family Creation Expert Level Level 2

BIM Revit Family Creation Expert Level Level 2

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Revit Family Cataloging: Streamline Organization with Nested Families, Shared Parameters, Conditional Statement

What you'll learn

Advanced Techniques for Revit Family Creation

Parameters and Constraints in Revit Families

Using Formulas and Functions

Working with Nested Families

Exploring Revit Family Types and Variations

Revit Family Templates and Standards

Creating Custom 2D Symbols

Revit Family Documentation and Annotation

Publishing and Sharing Revit Families

classification and Keynote

Creating an Automatic Keyplan

Cataloging Families: Organizing and Managing Family Libraries


Basic Knowledge about Revit


Note: Revit family modeling, as taught in this course is different from other courses by its high level of professionalism and expertise.Are you ready to take your Revit family creation skills to the next level and explore advanced techniques?Have you ever wondered how Revit families can be intelligently utilized to model different parts of a project?Are you seeking to enhance your proficiency in cataloging and organizing families effectively for streamlined workflow and improved productivity?In this course, we delve into the world of advanced family creation techniques specifically tailored for professionals like you. Revit families are not just about creating objects; they are often an intelligent and efficient way to model various project components. In this course, we start by explaining the importance of using nested families through a simple example of a shelf. We then proceed to explore practical and complex examples, showcasing how nested families can be applied in real-life projects. Furthermore, we examine the transformative power of parameterizing family types and demonstrate how it leads to the creation of Mega Families. Through the modeling of multiple common examples, you will gain hands-on experience in this area.Next, we tackle the crucial topic of Share Parameters through several illustrative examples. I firmly believe that without properly employing Share Parameters, it is challenging to create professional-grade families. To ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject, we also provide insights into other important and practical aspects of families based on our experiences.Some of the course topics include:Nested families and associated parametersCombining nested families with hosted familiesCreating "Family Type" parametersParametric radial arraysIn-depth explanation of Share Parameters and their differences from Project ParametersStyling projects with 2.5D familiesObject replication using railing and curtain wall systems (such as theater seating arrangements, ceramic ceiling tiles, structural waffles, and more)Cataloging and organizing families effectivelyApplications of classification and keynote usageImplementing conditional (IF) statements in family creationCreating an automatic KeyplanBuilding objects using Line-Based FamiliesThis is a comprehensive course that every professional BIM modeler needs. Everything is explained in detail with real-world examples. Enroll now and feel free to ask me any questions throughout the course.


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