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Ben Adkins Closer Cafe

Ben Adkins Closer Cafe

Your Step-by-Step System for Building, and Scaling a Facebook Marketing Agency
Keep Reading to See Exactly Why THIS IS DIFFERENT than any Other Facebook Masterclass You've Ever Seen.

Whats Inside of Closers Cafe?
(all of these areas are constantly updated with to stay Compliant with Facebooks Latest Changes)

Closers Cafe Area 1: Value: 499.95$
One of the main reasons that people fail when starting a Facebook agency is that they start by offering high ticket services to businesses right out of the gate. Those same services require an amount of hands on time that makes rapid scaling virtually impossible without a team. Our Social Content and Scheduling Masterclass will teach you how to create an agency using services that you can automate and that naturally lend themselves to the higher ticket upsell services.
Inside Area 1 Youll Learn How to:
- Understand Your Audiences Real Needs
- We will walk you through the 11 highly profitable local industries recommended you target this year with this service. Not only do these types of businesses need help with their social media, but they are the types of businesses that allow you to scale your business and not have to spend too much time servicing one client. AKA: These are the rinse and repeat niches.
- How to Find the Ideal Local Clients
- Not all clients are created equal. Well show you exactly what you need to look for before you ever reach out to a potential Social Content and Scheduling Client. This is going to save you hours of your time.
- New Client Ice Breakers & Scripts
- Simply put youre never going to have trouble reaching out and talking to a new potential client again. Ill show you exactly how I do it and exactly how I do it in an hour a week using both online and in person tactics. Ill also show you how to intelligently follow up after you initially break the ice (this one part is enough of a reason to sign up).
- How to Provide the Social Content & Scheduling Service
- This section is the game changer. Well show you how to provide the service and, more importantly, how to do it in a way that allows you to have tons of clients without adding extra work to your week. This is as close to set it and forget it as youre going to get.
- The Client Onboarding Path
- This is so important and its the reason why I keep my clients paying me month after month. Ill show you how to set a client up to know exactly what to expect and what they are getting and what they should do if they have any questions or concerns along the way. This makes a client comfortable with the process and keeps them paying month after month. (and sending new business my way)
- How to Scale to 100 Clients this year
- Face it. Most businesses dont lend themselves to scaling to 100 clients. If you set up your systems correctly, however, 100 clients isnt that much extra work (its just more income). Well show you exactly how to scale to 100 Social Media Content Clients The Right Way.
- What to Upsell your Monthly Clients (and When)
- You didnt think we were just going to make the 99-299/month fee did you? Nope. Well show you exactly what I offer clients as an upsell and how you can scale your clients past the monthly fee (this is how you go from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure business fast.)
- The Secret Service thatll Open Up 100k for you this year.
- Once you see what is in store for the upcoming year, youre going to see exactly why this is the business you need to throw all your effort into. Well show you a powerful resource that is going to make your Social Content and Scheduling business a powerhouse this year.
- Make Money with This System without doing the Service
- Yes Its finally going to be possible. Well show you exactly how to make money selling the Social Content and Scheduling Service. even if you dont want to actually perform the service yourself.

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