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Basics Of Finite Element Analysis Part-Ii

Basics Of Finite Element Analysis Part-Ii

Last updated 9/2021
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Learn basic concepts of Direct Applications of E.M.E., 2D Finite Element Formulations and Transient Dynamics Problems

What you'll learn
Basics of Finite Element Analysis
Direct Applications of Element Matrix Equation
2D Finite Element Formulations
Transient Dynamics Problems
Basic Mathematics
Basics of core subjects of Mechanical/Civil/Automobile/Production Engineering
This course is the second part of the lecture series of Finite Element Analysis subject. It takes you through various topics like Direct Applications of Element Matrix Equation(E.M.E.), 2D Finite Element Formulations and Transient Dynamics Problems. Various numerical are solved to explain different concepts and their applications. These topics help while solving of questions in ANSYS by manual calculation method and also help in understanding of ANSYS solutions. Basic Mathematics is the requirement for understanding of this subject.We start with introduction to Direct application of Element Matrix Equation(E.M.E.), followed by numerical on various topics of Stepped bar Analysis, Tapered bar analysis, Stepped Bar with thermal effect, Stepped bar with torsion effect, Heat Transfer Analysis, Fluid Flow and Fluid Network analysis, Spring Analysis, Beam Analysis and Truss Analysis. Further, we move to the 2D Finite Element Formulations topic. Here we discuss various derivations and numerical on Constant Strain Triangle (CST) , Stress analysis on CST element, Shape function basics, Shape function for Rectangular element with four nodes at vertices, Rectangular to Natural Coordinate system transformation for shape function calculation, Shape function for four, eight and nine nodded element. Also concepts of h and p type meshing, bandwidth and serendipity element is explained.Lastly we study about transient dynamic problems. Here modal vibration analysis is explained for axial and transverse vibration considering lumped and consistent mass matrix.


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