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Amy Porterfield – Facebook Profit Lab

Amy Porterfield - Facebook Profit Lab

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Quick Facts
The Facebook Marketing Profit Lab is, without any doubt on my part, an excellent program that does what it says in terms of helping you organize and create a Facebook Marketing Plan. I feel that your money will be well spent, but there are a few IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW before making the investment:

Money IS Required - You will need a budget to make it work the way Amy describes.
Prep Work Critical - Find Your Audience, Discover What They Want, and Know What Value You'll Provide Them.
Any system you choose will produce better results when combined with a complimenting system or strategy. Each system should fill-in or reinforce any gaps or weaknesses the other(s) may have. The resulting Master Strategy will capitalize on your strengths and produce a custom business growth machine that will get you the results you want.
All In or Nothing At All - Get a guide or mentor, join the crowd and take part in the community. The guide will keep you focused like a doctor gets you healthy and a trainer gets you in shape. The community will get you connected on a level deeper than your pockets. You will greatly increase your chances of success when you feel invested in other people and when you're blessed with the accountability from both mentor and community.
Did I mention the importance of knowing your audience?

If you want to skip all the rich details and jump straight to the answer to, "Is Amy Porterfield's Facebook Marketing Profit Lab worth it?". read "To Clarify:."


I'll admit that I was interested in purchasing Amy Porterfield's Facebook Marketing Profit Lab the very first time I heard about it. At the time, I was deep into absorbing everything Marketing and Business, so I used my product and service development efforts as an excuse not to take immediate action. Now that I've seen the true value of Action-Now, procrastination is an easier battle to win.every time.
The Purchase

Amy Porterfield's Facebook Marketing Profit Lab was an easy purchase experience without any real snags or challenges. I was given the option, but chose not to upgrade to her VIP package, since my budget was limited and I wanted to Prove the Master Strategy that I felt most entrepreneurs would like to purchase. Please don't get me wrong.I seriously believe that the best possible mentoring and guidance you can afford proves to be worth every bit invested.
The Website

The "Facebook Marketing Profit Lab with Amy Porterfield"

 website was simple and pretty easy to navigate, but thoroughly packed with videos and downloads. Navigating through the links and seeing ALL of the content she put together for this program, gave me the impression that Amy put in a ton of work for this program and is giving me much more than I paid for. I almost felt guilty. The only two issues I had with the website, was while using my tablet and smartphone. First, jumping from module to module was a little more difficult without the use of a mouse. I felt like I had to start from the very beginning every time I wanted to jump to a section other than the very next one. Not a huge hurdle, but I think it could be avoided by adding a mobile friendly menu (aka Responsive design website). I'll see how guilty I feel once I've gone through all the content.
First Thoughts About The Content

It took quite a while to watch all the videos and get a quick peek at all the downloadable resources (worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, etc.), but I was still pleased with all the information she provided. She delivered with the same friendly tone and quality she's known for providing - consistent with her blog and webinars. The funny thing was, I was so excited to see that she provided the materials in so many formats that I started downloading just about everything she offered.before I even knew what it was. I especially appreciate the MP3 downloads I listened to while I was on the road and working on other things. This is definitely a way to learn more and get better faster.
Getting Started

Amy opens with an excellent "Kickstarter" section, that is worth watching whether you know Facebook or not. This was one of my favorite sections because it gives a nice introduction and overview of what's to come, AND a few great Tips and Action Items that make you feel good about getting Facebook setup properly. Once you've completed a video, click on the button to go to the next one and click play. There are definitely no surprises or challenges involved with knowing how to move forward through the program.
The Modules

Watching, listening and reading the remaining material had it's Ups and Downs - only because I was eager to get finished with my first round and start digging in deep. Some of the videos did lose my interest in areas where she was speaking about things I felt I knew well enough. It was probably more a result of my trying to consume too much material at once, but was an effect significant enough to mention. By the time I was close to finishing my first pass at the program, I realized that there would be a large investment of time, creativity and money to get this across the finish line. The Hope I hung onto was that a good plan and execution would make the whole process worth it.
The Plan - Part 1

Okay, I'm in Module 1 and everything is clicking along great! Module 1 - Lesson 1 is where you can download the Facebook Marketing Plan Part 1 template. This is a PDF or Word doc that Amy created to help you outline some of the most critical parts of your overall marketing plan.and I have to say - it too is simple, but also seems quite valuable to making this Profit Lab a success.

The first few sections of the template include a short description of what should be written there and some examples to make it even clearer. Now, I'm not sure if she did this on purpose or not, but leaving the descriptions and examples off the last few sections, forces you to watch the video in that Lesson to be certain you know what should go in those sections. Definitely a Smart thing to do.or a cool accident.

At this point, I feel much more confident in my Marketing Plan, and I feel that Amy Porterfield's FB Marketing Plan template is playing a large part in making my Plan clear and actionable.

After a quick review of the video and a couple small changes to my plan, I'm moving on to Module 2 and Part 2 of the FB Marketing Plan.
The Plan - Part 2

The second part of the Facebook Marketing plan gets you deep into the details of your list building strategies. When you finish Part 2, you will have your Facebook ad written and ready to go, and you will know what will be written on your lead capture page.down to the button text.

Overall.everything here is self explanatory, for the most part. There is nothing extraordinary about Part 2, but all the information is critical for making everything run as smooth as possible. I will be happy to have this part completed, because it means I'm more than half way there. Even though I'm tempted to jump ahead, I will take my time to get the full benefit and advantage of everything Amy has laid out for me. I already appreciate the confidence and clarity it all provides.

Once I tweak my Facebook ad and Lead Capture copy, I'll get a quick refresher on the material in the videos and start on Part 3 of the Facebook Marketing Plan.
First Real Challenge

This first major challenge has less to do with the FB Profit Lab than it does with the fact that I didn't narrow my target audience or find my tribe or community - like I should have - before starting the program.

I was making a few changes to my Facebook Ad and Lead Magnet - as outlined in Part 2 of the Facebook Marketing Plan - when I realized that I was missing a few valuable steps to my Marketing Campaign. This is where I decided to mix in the best parts of other strategies I know, so I can give more value and show more love to the community I'm attracting and helping. Even though this challenge slowed me down initially.I'm massively excited about all the extra value that resulted from the extra work.

Amy Porterfield does a great job guiding you through her Facebook Profit Lab, and she gives you good advice and guidance for the outlying steps that make your efforts more effective, but are not directly related to your Facebook Marketing Plan. I have the benefit of studying a huge number of other proven strategies that should enhance my success. Don't worry..I'll save you the trouble of figuring out What Works. I'll push through the extra work I made for myself in Part 2 of the FB Marketing Plan and let you know what the remaining parts reveal.

I'm excited and anxious to set this plan in motion!


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