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Advanced Google Ads Training: Master Strategies & Techniques

Advanced Google Ads Training: Master Strategies & Techniques

Last updated 9/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.40 GB | Duration: 6h 3m

Google Ads 2022: Hands on training in Google Ads techniques developed over 13 yrs. Module based + Heaps of Resources!
What you'll learn
Google Ads Campaign Experiments: Best Use Cases, Step-by-Step Setup, Analysis, Implementation
Access Google Ads tools for forecasting performance
Section 10: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Lecture 43 What is AI & ML
Lecture 44 Auto Rotate for Budgets & Ads
Lecture 45 Dynamic Search Ads
Lecture 46 Smart Bidding Strategies
Lecture 47 Smart Bidding - Updates
Lecture 48 Lookalike Audiences
Lecture 49 Data Driven Attribution Models
Lecture 50 Data Driven Models - Update
Section 11: Dynamic Ad Customisers
Lecture 51 Introduction to Ad Customisers
Lecture 52 Advantages & Example Uses
Lecture 53 Setting up the Business Data Feed
Lecture 54 Best Practice for Ads
Section 12: Google Analytics for Google Ads
Lecture 55 The Advantages of linking Google Ads with GA
Lecture 56 Linking GA & Google Ads
Lecture 57 Google Ads Reports in GA
Lecture 58 GA Conversion Tracking & Goal Setup
Lecture 59 Remarketing Segments in GA
Lecture 60 Attribution Models in Google Analytics
Section 13: Using Scripts
Lecture 61 Introduction to Google Ads Scripts
Lecture 62 404 Link Checker Script
Lecture 63 Experiment Results Script
Lecture 64 Google Ads Audit Script
Section 14: Google Ads Editor
Lecture 65 Introduction and advantages of Google Ads Editor over the online interface
Lecture 66 Example Uses for Google Ads Editor
Lecture 67 Google Ads Editor - what you can't do
Lecture 68 Google Ads Editor - Updates
Section 15: Competitor Research Tools
Lecture 69 Auction Insights displayed graphically
Lecture 70 Auction Insights in Data Studio - Easier Option
Lecture 71 3rd Party Competitor Research Tools - SEMrush
Section 16: Landing Page Software
Lecture 72 Why Use Landing Page Software
Lecture 73 Unbounce Walk-through
Lecture 74 Tracking integration for landing pages
Google Ads users looking to advance their knowledge


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